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You’re Worth It! Negotiating with Your Employer to Sponsor Continuing Education

Your registered dietitian credentials and associated skill set are essential to your supermarket chain’s ability to deliver on its health and wellness vision. As you know, the continuing education requirement to maintain these credentials takes both time and financial resources. Below are strategies to help you lock in your employer’s sponsorship of your continuing education.

  • Know your company policies. Speak with human resources to be sure you’re informed on professional development policies. See if there are built-in opportunities for reimbursement.
  • Make your needs known. Don’t assume your employer knows what it takes to keep your registration active. Explain the continuing education process, and link the investment with the benefits of having an on-staff dietitian.
  • Advocate year-round. Talk up your department’s major wins throughout the year. When it’s time to discuss continuing education sponsorship, the decision makers should have a better idea of your ongoing impact on the business.
  • Build the case. Highlight the evolving nutrition landscape and the topics shoppers are most frequently seeking information on to underscore the importance of staying knowledgeable.
  • Pitch it! Prepare a brief presentation outlining how the knowledge you will attain at a specific conference or session applies to your position. Gather quantifiable measures, if possible. Link your organization’s business objectives with session outcomes.
  • Share your learnings. After the session, send a recap to your supervisor, department lead and store manager with applicable key learnings, next steps and pictures from the event.

Perhaps you leverage these tips to attend an online education session, or maybe you’ll shoot for the stars: FNCE attendance. Either way, as supermarket retail dietitian, staying informed in the field is essential for your personal and professional success.

For more tips and tricks, check out insight from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in “Talk FNCE to Your Employer.”